About our Alliance

The North American Megadam Resistance Alliance is a coalition of organizations dedicated to protecting rivers and their communities by resisting megadams and their transmission corridors. NAMRA was formed in 2017 in the wake of the Grand River Keepers and Labrador Land Protectors New England speaking tour. Our goal is to raise awareness about the devastation caused by large dams, and the ongoing struggles of northern communities to halt the destruction of their rivers and forests.

NAMRA seeks to: 

  1. Debunk the myth that Canadian hydropower is “clean” and renewable energy, and
  2. Shut down markets for dirty Canadian hydropower by stopping transmission corridors to the U.S.

We work with a wide variety of organizations and allies to spread awareness and oppose harmful Canadian hydropower. Here at NAMRA we believe that there is an alternative to a continuing reliance on fossil fuels, on the one hand, and a reliance on large hydro, or industrial wind farms covering our mountain ridges, on the other – and that is to use less energy. That is the most shovel ready alternative, the least costly solution, and the one that will have the most benefit for local economies.