CMP and Hydro-Quebec Have Spent an Astounding $9 Million on Desperate Campaign to Save CMP Corridor

CMP and Hydro-Quebec have spent $9 million since October 2019 in a desperate attempt to save the CMP corridor (New England Clean Energy Connect) and their future profits from this line. This current spending trend puts these corporations on track to set a record for the most money ever spent to defeat a citizens initiative in Maine.

The money spent has gone to out-of-state consultants, misleading advertisements, mobilization of lawyers and lobbyists, private investigators to stalk Maine citizens, opposition research, consultants that specialize in blocking citizen-initiated referenda, helicopter services, and fine dining. Perhaps this money could have been better spent on improving customer service and infrastructure reliability as CMP ranks last or close to last in both of these metrics compared to other utility providers.

CMP and Hydro-Quebec are fighting for a project that a majority of Mainers oppose. Both are owned by or are foreign corporations that show no interest in anything but their profits. Both entities have a track record of acting unethically and irresponsibly and both have been fined by the Maine Public Utilities Commission for these actions.

The hydropower that would be carried by the corridor is not clean energy as CMP and Hydro-Quebec would like us to believe. The dams operated to produce this electricity are responsible for the flooding of thousands of square miles of wetlands, forests, and peatlands. This flooding releases toxic methylmercury into front-line communities and causes the release of the potent greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere. These dams have reversed the flow of rivers, caused massive erosion, and have harmed countless fragile ecosystems that are vital to our planet.

NRCM Report.