AMC Weighs in on Latest New England Clean Energy Connect Decisions

The Appalachian Mountain Club along with many other conservation and environmental groups opposes the New England Clean Energy Connect transmission line (CMP Corridor). The corridor would have detrimental effects on the ecology of the region that it will cut through and will leave a lasting scar on Maine’s pristine landscapes.

The North Maine Woods where this line would cut through is the largest expanse of undeveloped forest in the eastern United States and is one of the few areas capable of supporting populations of native species. This project would fragment an area that is extremely significant with regards to carbon sequestration and biodiversity while bringing no benefits for the State of Maine. The power that this line will deliver to Massachusetts is dirty energy produced by destructive Canadian megadams and is not clean or green. 

Visit our “Take Action” page to learn more about how you can help fight the CMP Corridor and other destructive megadams and transmission corridors.