Clean projects speak for themselves

Dr. Han Neu, Dr. Brad Hager, and Dr. David Schindler have all extensively studied Hydro-Quebec’s dams and have concluded that the energy they provide is not clean or green. This is the same energy that will be flowing through the proposed New England Clean Energy Connect transmission line (CMP Corridor) from Canada to Massachusetts.

Contrary to Central Maine Power’s and Hydro-Quebec’s claims, megadams release massive amounts of methane emissions through the flooding of vast swathes of land. This flooding also produce the neurotoxin methylmercury which poisons front-line communities dependent on rivers for their food and ways of life.

Hydro-Quebec and Central Maine power have repeatedly been dishonest about the benefits the CMP Corridor will bring to Maine. Contrary to their claims, this project will not produce a significant amount of permanent jobs for Maine residents. Instead, many of the workers needed will be contracted out of state. The corridor also threatens jobs in outdoor recreation and local renewable energy production.