Support Equitable Energy Solutions for New York and Reject Canadian Hydroelectricity!

Permitting and Studies on CHPE:

2010 CHPE US Army Corps of Engineers Permit Application

2013 CHPE State of NY Public Service Commission Permit

2014 CHPE Environmental Impact Statement

2014 CHPE US Department of Energy Presidential Permit

2015 CHPE US Army Corps of Engineers Permit

2019 CHPE Petition for Route Modification

2020 CHPE Application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need Pursuant to Article VII of the PSL for the Construction, Operation and Maintenance of a High Voltage Direct Current Circuit from the Canadian Border to New York City.

2020 Appendix G Local Laws

2020 Appendix F Coastal Consistency Analysis

2020 Appendix E Route Alteration Letter

2020 Appendix D Rockland County Splice Locations

2020 Appendix C Randall’s Island Route

2020 Appendix B Location of Facilities NYSDOT

2020 Appendix A Location of Facilities on USGS Mapping

2020 Application of CHPE, LLC and CHPE Properties, Inc. For an Amendment to Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need

Public Comments Submitted to NY Public Service Commission:

North American Megadam Resistance Alliance Comments

Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter Comments

Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter Member Comments

Lakeside Farms Comments

Stony Point Action Committee for the Environment Comments

Filed Documents and Additional Public Comments

Solidarity Committee of the Capital District Comments

Additional Comments Submitted:

Uashaunnuat, Innu of Uashat mak Mani-Utenam Comments on CHPE Notice of Intent to Prepare an EIS and to Conduct Public Scoping Meetings

NAMRA Comments to the Department of Energy on CHPE

Senator McCallum Request for Investigation

News Articles and Studies:

Understanding the True Impacts of Champlain Hudson Power Express (Energyzt Report)

Human Health Risks from Hydroelectric Projects (Harvard University Methylmercury Study)

Bill de Blasio’s energy plan isn’t as green as it looks

Summary and Applicable Quotes from the Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Fact Sheets:

Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter Fact Sheet on Canadian hydropower and NYC’s energy needs

Additional Information:

Hydro-Quebec Hertel-New York Interconnection

April, 2019 Hydro-Quebec Press Release

2019 NAMRA CHPE Press Release

November 18, 2019, Hudson Riverkeeper Withdraws Support for CHPE


Map of New Canadian Megadams and Proposed Transmission Corridors
Map of New England Transmission Corridors bringing Canadian Hydropower to the U.S.