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Sign NAMRA’s petition to Governor Baker in Massachusetts and Governor Mills in Maine to stop the NECEC corridor and to NYC Mayor DeBlasio to stop the CHPE corridor.


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To oppose the NECEC hydro corridor through Maine:

  • Click here for more info on NECEC
  • Contact Maine Gov. Janet Mills, 207-287-3531 and your legislator in Maine
  • Contact MA Gov. Charlie Baker 617-725-4005
  • Contact MA Dept. of Energy Resources (DOER) Commissioner Patrick Woodcock,
  • Keep up to date with allies opposing the corridor:  Sierra Club, Maine Chapter and Natural Resources Council of Maine
  • Follow the grassroots group in Maine opposing the corridor Say No To NECEC and check out their action items 
  • Write letters to the editor: here are some news outlets:

Bangor Daily News: Letters should be no more than 250 words, OpEd commentary should not exceed 650 words.

Kennebec Journal300 words

Portland Press Herald 250 words All letters must include the writer’s name, town of residence, and a telephone number, for confirmation purposes only. A maximum of three signatories per letter is allowed.

 Sun Journal, Lewiston

Boston Globe – 200 words or less. Email to

To oppose the CHPE hydro corridor to New York:

•   Submit public comments for CHPE’s US Presidential Permit                               application which are due by the end of the day on May 18, 2020.

To oppose dams in Canada check-in with our allies:

Learn about dams:

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NAMRA Statement of Support:

We understand the need to address climate change, but do not accept that large dams are the right alternative to fossil fuels.

We acknowledge that free-flowing rivers are an endangered species requiring protection; that they are vital to ecological health; that large dams are significant sources of greenhouse gases; that floodplains and primary boreal forests are needed for climate resilience; and that large dams do irreversible damage to communities and ecosystems.

The right alternative—which is also the best job creator – is energy conservation and efficiency, and small-scale, appropriately sited renewable energy development here at home.

We are opposed to the construction of long-distance transmission corridors from Canada to the United States – including the proposed New England Clean Energy ConnectChamplain Hudson Power Express, and the New England Clean Power Link – that will encourage more dam construction in the north and degrade landscapes here at home.

We recognize that the silent support of destruction caused by large dams is still a form of support and that an honest discussion of the impacts of large dams is needed.

Reduce our energy consumption: 

•Promote energy efficiency and conservation at home. Encourage thinking about how we can use less energy, rather than looking for a mythical “pollution-free” source.

•Advocate for public transportation; job creation that will allow people to live closer to their places of work; and work to build interconnected, low-energy-consuming, resilient and self-reliant communities at home.

•Identify potential allies in the legislature, in town governments, in environmental or advocacy organizations, and journalists. Educate your friends and neighbors.