Hydro-Quebec is in the dam building business and has been since the 1940s. It is desperate to find new markets for its hydropower to continue growing its profits which will ultimately force the construction of new dams. Hydro-Quebec is not interested in sustainable energy, the environment, or local communities. It is more concerned with corporate economics and business for their contractors — such as SNC Lavilin, cement manufacturers, multinational engineering firms, and many others. 

Hydro-Quebec needs more markets to continue growing its profits – and has targeted the U.S. with a greenwashing campaign, partnering with multi-national corporations to promote new and bigger transmission corridors for markets in Boston, New York and other metropolitan areas.

The CEO of Hydro-Quebec was blunt when he said the future of his company depends on the U.S. importing Canadian hydropower:

Without exports, our profits are in trouble