Canadian Megadams & Voices of the Resistance: Why Hydropower is Dirty Energy

Released on May 19, 2020, this film brings the voices of front line community members to the screen to tell the real story behind Canadian hydropower dams being promoted as clean energy for export to the U.S.

The North American Megadam Resistance Alliance film by Maine-based Teagan Wright features community members from Innu, Inuit, and Pimicikamak lands in Canada who are on the front lines of the destruction caused by Canadian megadams.

In November 2019, Indigenous community members and allies came to the US to tell their story of the exploitation of people and the environment for hydropower in Canada. The film documents the speakers’ visit to Maine where the Central Maine Power transmission corridor will cut through forests to deliver destructive Canadian hydropower to Boston. For over 100 years, the Canadian hydropower industry has caused cultural genocide of Indigenous people, displacing them from lands they occupied for millennia.

Megadam hydropower is an extreme form of energy production on par with fossil fuels. It destroys rivers, biodiversity, and poisons people and the environment with methylmercury. It is a climate disaster, not a climate solution.