Churchill (Grand) River, Labrador, Canada

There is growing concern that Nalcor intends to proceed with the 2,250 MW Gull Island Project. This project would be even larger than the Muskrat Falls project, and would involve far more flooding – 232 kilometers of reservoir—that is almost four times the size of the planned reservoir behind Muskrat Falls. This is the province’s mitigation plan for recovering its economic losses from the Muskrat debacle– by selling electricity to the energy-hungry market in the United States.

The proposed site of the Gull Island mega project. Photo: A. Lathem

According to the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Gull Island Project, it appears that the facility’s main purpose will be to serve the electrical demands of the northeastern United States. This includes states such as New York which are marketing hydropower as clean and renewable energy. This false narrative has unfortunately caused widespread support for further hydroelectric development and expanded transmission corridors which damage the environment.

October 12, 2021 – The Sierra Club Canada Foundation, Grand Riverkeeper, and North American Megadam Resistance Alliance submitted a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as well as the premiers of the Atlantic provinces calling on them to oppose the Gull Island mega-hydro project. This letter is signed by over 80 organizations and community leaders, representing millions of members and including leaders of Indigenous communities.

Stop the Gull Island Megadam Webinar

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