October 6, 2020 – The Innu Nation of Labrador’s claim is raising awareness about harms caused by Hydro-Quebec’s Upper Churchill Falls in Labrador. On October 7, the Innu Nation announced a $4 billion lawsuit against Hydro-Quebec for the destruction of their culture and ancestral lands by this dam. 

The massive Upper Churchill Falls dam (10th largest in the world), and the massive Smallwood Reservoir have been causing environmental and cultural destruction since the 1970s. One-sixth of Hydro-Quebec’s supply comes from this dam. NAMRA’s allies at Grand Riverkeeper Labrador and Labrador Land Protectors joined our Speaker Tours to the U.S. for the last several years to bring the message to the Mayor of New York and Governors of Maine and Massachusetts who want to import more of this dirty electricity. Today our message is amplified by the Innu Nation.

Upper Churchill Falls Generating Station
Hydro-Quebec’s dropower generating stations and transmission corridors in Quebec.  Churchill Falls i Labrador is not pictured but is connected to and partially owned by Hydro-Quebec.
The Innu of Labrador speak about the damages caused by the construction of the Churchill Falls hydroelectric project