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The Northern Pass was a proposed 192 miles transmission line running from Canada through northern New Hampshire to bring approximately 1,090 megawatts of electricity to the northeast’s grid from Hydro-Quebec. This project was a collaboration between Eversource (New England’s largest energy provider) and Hydro-Quebec. The estimated cost of this project was $1.6 billion. This project was rejected by the state’s Site Evaluation Committee in 2018. After bringing this issue to New Hampshire’s Supreme Court, Eversource was once again denied the permitting to construct this line and the SEC’s decision was upheld in 2019.

This proposed transmission line met fierce opposition from the beginning with residents realizing the project would only bring temporary jobs to the region. Residents and environmental conservation groups were also concerned about the impacts that this construction would have on New Hampshire’s forestland, property values, and tourism industry.

On top of these concerns, were worries about the generation of this power itself. The truth about Hydro-Quebec’s “clean energy” was brought to light by Pessamit Innu Chief Rene Simon. Chief Simon spoke to the environmental and cultural destruction occurring as a result of the construction and operation of the megadams needed to supply the northeastern U.S. with this electricity.