March 5, 2020 – Report: NECEC and CHPE transmission corridors tied to potential for more dam construction in Canada

Hydro-Quebec can’t meet demand without new supplies

U.S. International Trade Commission to investigate imports of Canadian hydropower

NAMRA report comes to same conclusion as two other independent reports about HQ’s claims to supply hydro to the U.S.

HQ is greenwashing NECEC and CHPE transmission corridors: can’t deliver enough hydro for contracts, has to back fill with fossil fuels, nuclear or find new hydro supplies from new megadams in Eastern Canada

January 2020 report for coalition of groups opposing Mayor DeBlasio’s proposed deal with HQ for CHPE corridor says HQ can’t meet promises:–publications-2/news/report-champlain-hudson-power-express-line-will-not-reduce-greenhouse-gas-emissions-739.html

October 2018 report for Natural Resources Council of Maine says HQ NECEC project can’t deliver on climate promises and is bad deal for Maine.

November 2018: Hudson Riverkeeper of New York says HQ can’t meet its promises of supplying CHPE with hydro from existing dams and CHPE project will result in destroying more rivers, harm climate and further poison Indigenous communities with methylmercury.

February 21, 2020

Wet’suwet’en Solidarity & Climate Justice Event

June 6, 2019

Muskrat Falls Ottawa Solidarity Coalition: NAMRA

April 25, 2019

NAMRA Opposes Champlain Hudson Power Express