Videos, Short Films, and Documentaries:

People of a Feather is an award-winning documentary produced by Joel Heath featuring stunning footage from seven winters in the Arctic. This documentary dives into the Inuit’s relationship with Eider duck and how this relationship has been disrupted by massive hydroelectric dams built to power New York and Eastern North America.

Undamming the Hudson River – Undamming the Hudson River is a short documentary film by National Geographic filmmaker Jon Bowermaster showcasing Riverkeeper’s efforts to restore natural habitat by eliminating obsolete dams throughout the Hudson River Estuary.

The end of mega dams – Mega hydropower dams block natural river flow which impacts both wildlife and people but we can choose where our energy comes from.

DamNation Official Film Trailer

Break the Ice for Arctic Wildlife – New York City Campaign Video – Inuit Elders, scientists and policy shakers will descend on New York City this fall to share Inuit culture, discuss the cumulative impacts of hydroelectric developments on sea ice ecosystems, and propose solutions that work with the seasons of the hydrological cycle.

The Other End of the Line: Hydropower in Northern Manitoba – Manitobans are plugged into a huge northern hydropower system. Our TV’s, toasters and indeed our daily lives depend on the electricity produced by remote dams. But at the far end of the transmission lines lies a reality few of us ever see.

Chercher le courant – La Romaine hydroelectric complex (in French language)

Making it Real: A Forum on Energy and Climate. Waterbury, Vermont August 12, 2018.


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